The Helping the Highlands Community Center is a 501c3 non-profit State Incorporated entity that is a God ordained vision that was established in February 2017 to help empower Youth and Families that live in the Alleghany Highlands Community to battle and overcome systemic oppressive issues faced in the area. This ministry will be supported by local donations and grant funding from government agencies and the Commonwealth of Virginia cities. Our Ministry Team is composed of various leaders who are ministers, bankers, lawyers, teachers and various other members of one community with a common interest to HELP those in the HIGHLANDS.


  • To seek to Establish an African American Museum that will foster education of the roles that African Americans played during the Civil Rights Era.
  • Increase commitments to impact the lives of all the families in the community, touching both young and old, by collaborating and engaging them in educational events that empower them. Seeking a measurable documented goal of lifestyle improvements based on our mission statement within 6 months.


  • Help the Highlands via African American Historical Preservation
  • Helping the Highlands Community Center’s Goal is to HELP.
  • Help the Youth Grow into Powerful Healthy Humans
  • Help all Families Develop SAFE and Healthy Homes
  • Help Veteran’s to Heal and Thrive in our Community

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